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Zalto Gravitas Omega Wine Glass

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Zalto Gravitas Omega Wine Glass: A Bold Statement for Discerning Connoisseurs

Introducing the Zalto Gravitas Omega Wine Glass, a revolutionary design that redefines wine appreciation. Grounded to earth through the eschewal of a foot at the base of its stem, this glass catches and demands the attention of every wine connoisseur. Its unique, precarious balance commands a similar respect for the wine itself, creating an unparalleled tasting experience.

The Gravitas Omega allows wine to reveal its true character in all its color against a bright background. As the wine coats the surface of the sidewalls, it instantly imparts its inner essence, enhancing the visual and aromatic qualities. This distinctive shape, incorporating the renowned bowl of the Burgundy glass, requires the connoisseur to pose it on the table with the same care they afford the wine.

Standing at 230mm (9.05 inches) with an impressive capacity of 960ml (32oz), the Zalto Gravitas Omega is a statement piece for any wine lover's collection. Each glass is meticulously mouth-blown by skilled artisans, ensuring exceptional quality and a unique, handcrafted touch. Made from lead-free crystal, these glasses offer both luxury and safety.

Despite their sophisticated design, Zalto Gravitas Omega Wine Glasses are dishwasher-safe, combining elegance with convenience. Perfect for special occasions, refined gatherings, or as an extraordinary gift, these glasses elevate the wine tasting experience to new heights.

Discover the Zalto Gravitas Omega Wine Glass and embrace a bold, new way to savor your finest wines. Enjoy every sip in unmatched style and sophistication.

  • Hand-Blown Precision
  • Exceptional Clarity
  • Lightweight and Balanced
  • Unique Shape and Design

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
I love it!

They are beautiful!! Just want to drink wine in these glass all day.

Modern architecture evolves wine drinking

I am loving these stemware drinkers. Beautiful and exquisite.