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Zalto Universal Wine Glass (Pack of 6)

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Raise Your Glass: Elevate with the Zalto Universal Pack of 6

Experience the epitome of wine-tasting luxury with the Zalto Universal pack of 6 glasses. Meticulously hand-blown to perfection, these glasses are crafted to elevate your enjoyment of balanced, full-bodied reds and whites, showcasing their expressive nuances, minerality, and smooth character.

Each glass in this versatile pack is tailored for a variety of varietals, including Riesling, Chardonnay, Rosé, and Chianti. Standing at an elegant height of 9.3 inches with a width of 3.6 inches at its widest point, and a generous volume capacity of 530 ml, these glasses provide ample space for your favorite wines to breathe and evolve.

Indulge in the ultimate wine-tasting experience as these expertly designed glasses accentuate complexity and finesse, enriching every sip with their thin, delicate stems and precision-crafted bowls.

Crafted from lead-free crystal, the Zalto Universal glasses are dishwasher-safe for your convenience, ensuring both safety and durability without compromising on elegance or quality.

Elevate your wine-drinking rituals to new heights of sophistication with the Zalto Universal pack of 6 glasses – the essential choice for discerning wine enthusiasts and the perfect addition to any connoisseur's collection.

  • Hand-Blown Precision
  • Exceptional Clarity
  • Lightweight and Balanced
  • Unique Shape and Design

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
The gold standard

Light as a feather, but sturdy. Beautifully proportioned, nicely balanced in the hand. The ‘Universal’ has become my everyday glass; I also love the Bordeaux and Burgundy Zalto models and use them when the wine calls out for more room to spread its wings.

The assorted Riedel glassware went to the basement when Zalto came to town. These are the best!

Best gift I’ve given

Granted, I am extremely biased, but these are the most elegant glasses I’ve ever used. I just gave a set of six to a dear wine collector friend, and I was lucky enough to be able to drink from them recently. I’m going to start slowly, ordering my own!


The Zalto Universal is the best all around glass on the market. Also the most beautiful and elegant. Everything seems to taste a little better in these glasses.

The best glass! Elegant, light and versatile.

I wasn’t sure if these would live up to the hype, but once you try them you’ll understand. They are so light and well designed to bring out the aromas and flavors of the wine.

I have Riedel varietal glasses as well, which I was so pround of, but now that I have Zaltos, I’m not sure I can go back. The Riedels I have aren’t handmade so they are much heavier and just clunkier. Comparing side by side, Zaltos are a work of art. Also, once you watch the video of how they are made you will respect all the hard work that goes into making a glass. I can’t wait to grab a few more once they’re back in stock.

Awesome glasses

These are the best glasses in the world. They are sold out everywhere so if you see them available, buy them. They showed up very fast. Great service!