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Zalto Bordeaux Glass (Pack of 6)

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Pour Perfection: Elevate with the Zalto Bordeaux Glass Pack of 6

Experience the ultimate in wine appreciation with the Zalto Bordeaux Glass Pack of 6 – a versatile set designed to enhance the rich character and bold tannins of your favorite wines.

Crafted with precision and care, these glasses are tailored for wines full of character and high in tannins, such as Bordeaux, Rioja, Brunello, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Shiraz. Their unique design accentuates the potency, concentration, extract, and tannins of each pour, ensuring an unparalleled tasting experience.

Standing at a height of 240mm (9.5in) with a generous volume capacity of 765ml (26oz) per glass, the Zalto Bordeaux Glasses provide ample space to swirl and aerate your wine, allowing it to breathe and reveal its full potential.

In addition to enhancing your wine-drinking experience, these glasses are practical and convenient. Like all Zalto glassware, they are mouth-blown, lead-free, and dishwasher-safe, guaranteeing both safety and ease of maintenance.

Elevate your wine rituals and impress your guests with the Zalto Bordeaux Glass Pack of 6 – where elegance meets innovation for a truly exceptional tasting journey.

  • Hand-Blown Precision
  • Exceptional Clarity
  • Lightweight and Balanced
  • Unique Shape and Design

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Beautiful Wine Glasses

These are elegant wine glasses which center the nose better than any glasses I have ever tried. They are extremely delicate but surprisingly clean well in the dishwasher.

Best wine glasses

I think the Zalto wine glasses are great. They’re surprisingly lightweight and provide a vastly better wine drinking experience versus other stems I own e.g. Riedel Sommelier series. If you’re considering the Zalto, don’t hesitate buying a set, you won’t regret these wine stems.


Unclear if I have the olfactory senses to truly appreciate the glasses - but they look and feel fantastic. One of the shipments (I bought several different types) came with couple of broken stems - but AldoSohm customer service took care of it with no muss and fuss.

Wine lovers glass

If you’ve never tried wine out of a zalto glass, you haven’t lived! It is def a different experience. My first time was at blue hill stone barns (top 10 restaurant in country, maybe world, I forgot). I said I had to have these glasses. Very pricy but since I’m locked up all year in my house, why not! Worth every penny. Cheers


The shipment took a day or two to get sent out after the label was created, which is longer than expected. But the glasses arrived well packaged and in good condition. Seeing as these are finally back in stock, this was still a great experience overal