Tips From the Top Sommelier

Bloomberg Markets, October 2008, by Elin McCoy

Le Bernardin’s Aldo Sohm reveals how to get the most from a restaurant wine experience and tells how he earned the title “World’s Best”.

While Jogging around Manhattan’s Uper West Side one weekend, Aldo Sohm dreamed up an unusual food-and–wine pairing: the little-known Domaine de Montbourgeau Savignin l’Ètoile vin jaune from France’s Jura region with a tangy French blue cheese, Fourme d’Abert.

The wine’s high acidity would break the sharpness of the cheese, he decided. When he tried it later, it worked.

Matching food and wine is always on Sohm’s mind. And what else would you expect from the Best Sommelier in the World? The Worldwide Sommelier Association gave him that title on May 24 at La Pergola, the three-Michelin-star restaurant in the Rome Cavalieri Hilton, after a grueling two-day competition.

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