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Seasonal Wine Seminars: Wine for the Beach

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

You’re headed to the beach, cooler packed with chilled shrimp ceviche along with some fantatstic wines that have been carefully selected to create the perfect match. In this seminar, I will be discussing food and wine pairings specifically tailored for the beach and how you can get the full pairing experience, even on location.

The seminar will be held in Le Bernardin’s private salons:
155 West 51st, New York, NY 10019
Saturday, June 4th 2011
3:00pm – 4:30pm

$125 per person. All inclusive.
Reservations required. Please contact for further information

The Celebrity Sommelier

Monday, May 9th, 2011

The Wall Street Journal, April 22nd 2011, by Jay McInerney

A couple of decades after the rise of the celebrity chef, we may be on the verge of a new phenomenon: the celebrity sommelier.  In the wake of Emeril Lagasse cookware and Mario Battali tomato sauce, we now have stemware and a corkscrew designed by Aldo Sohm, the sommelier at Le Bernardin, New York’s Michelin three star seafood eatery.

The Austrian born Sohm came to New York in 2004 after serving in some of Austria’s top restaurants and started off as wine director at Wallse, Kurt Guttenbrunner’s West Village Austrian restaurant.

In 2006, New York magazine voted him “Best Sommelier in New York.” The following year he moved to Le Bernardin and won the title of  “Best Sommelier in America,” a feat which he topped in 2008 when he was named “Best Sommelier in the World,” by the Worldwide Sommelier Association, after a grueling competition which included blind tastings, a written exam, and mock table service.

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The Odd Couple of Food and Wine

Monday, May 9th, 2011

The Wall Street Journal, April 23rd 2011, by Jay McInerney

Is there such a thing as the perfect match? As someone who has been married four times, I’ve done my share of research on the subject of compatibility in the realm of Eros. The subject of food-and-wine pairing is perhaps even more bedeviling. Is there a perfect wine for oysters? For Camembert? For baked lobster with red-wine-braised sunchoke and fava-sprout bergamot emulsion? Does fish always call for white wine?

You could do worse in your search for answers to these questions than to go to New York’s Le Bernardin, the Michelin three-star temple of piscine cuisine. Aldo Sohm, 39, who was named Best Sommelier in America in 2007 and Best Sommelier in the World in 2008 (in a contest organized by the World Sommelier Association), is a master of matching food and wine. He has converted more than one skeptic, including my wife, to the concept of pairing. “I can make the food look good,” he says. On the other hand, chef Eric Ripert, his boss, likes to drink red Bordeaux with pretty much everything, including oysters. This makes for some interesting discussions in the kitchen.

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Alan Richman’s Wine Guide: Light Reds

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

GQ Magazine, April 14th 2011, by Alan Richman

The sommelier at New York’s Le Bernardin, Aldo Sohm, poured a glass of red without letting me see the bottle—the classic blind-tasting game. Exhibiting my customary skill, I immediately misidentified it as a elderly Bordeaux. It turned out to be a 1939 Rioja, left over from a highbrow wine-tasting that had just been held at the restaurant. Nevertheless, I quickly forgave myself, because the wine had undoubtedly been made by Spanish winemakers working in the style of Bordeaux winemakers. My second error, according to Sohm, was to categorize the wine as a “light red.” This time I put up a fight.

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Aldo Sohm chosen as a Judge

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Aldo Sohm has been chosen by the American Sommelier Association as a Judge for the 6th annual Best Sommelier in America competition being held in New York City on April 16th & 17th.

“I am honored and excited to be chosen by the American Sommelier Association to be a judge at this year’s Best Sommelier in America Competition. As a former competitor and winner, I know how tough this competition is but also what it means as a sommelier to compete in such a highly regarded event. As part of the judging criteria, a series of exams are set to test different skills including service, food & wine pairing, depth of knowledge of wine as well as other proficiencies.

The results of the competition are announced at the Awards Gala on Sunday, April 17th. This year is an extra special year for me as not only have I been asked to judge the BSIA, Le Bernardin, where I am Chef Sommelier, is being honored with the Art of Service Award – a testament to the high standards of service and fine dining experience embraced and maintained by the restaurant for the past 25 years.”

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Aldo Sohm – Austria’s Kaiser of Sommeliers

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Winemonger, 4th of February 2011

No other downhill racer has won as many metals on the legendary Streif in Austria’s skiing town of Kitzbühl as Franz Klammer, and if Klammer is known as the Kaiser (“Emperor”) of Skiing then Aldo Sohm is this small country’s Kaiser of Sommeliers.

Similar to his downhill racing counterpart, Aldo managed to clinch the national title for Best Sommelier of Austria a stunning four times in just five consecutive years.

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ASA Austrian Wines Class with Aldo Sohm

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Austria Wine USA, 2010

Today I had the opportunity to sit in on a class with the
American Sommelier Association ( on German and Austrian wines hosted by sommelier, Aldo Sohm. I’m the type of person that learns through repetition so it was a great opportunity for me to reinforce my Austrian wine knowledge and learn a little more about Germany.

Aldo Sohm has currently earned the title of the “Best Sommelier in the World”
through the Worldwide Sommelier Association and has previously been awarded the titles of “Best Sommelier in America” by the American Sommelier Association, “Best Sommelier in New York” by New York Magazine and “Best Sommelier in Austria.” Sohm has also recently received the James Beard Award for Outstanding Wine Service. When he’s not winning “Best of” awards, Sohm is the top sommelier at NYC’s 4 star restaurant, Le Bernardin.

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World’s Best Sommelier vs. World’s worst costumer

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Food & Wine, January 2010

Aldo Sohm of New York City’s Le Bernardin is as good at pairing wines as he is charming customers. But to truly test his mettle, F&W secretly enlisted critic Frank Bruni to play the role of nightmare diner. Read on to find out how Sohm survived the ordeal – and to see the exeptional matches he chose for star chef Eric Ripert’s elegant recipes.

I vetoed the Champagne that Le Bernardin’s Aldo Sohm suggested at the meal’s start, telling him my mood wasn’t so bubbly. Rejecting his advice again, I insisted on having a red instead of a white for the charred octopus, then I staged a tabletop tantrum over the price of the Montrachet that he initially paired with the monkfisch.

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Saturday, May 16th, 2009

Slashfood, May 2009, by Pervaiz Shallwani

In just two years as the sommelier and wine director at New York’s world-renowned Le Bernardin restaurant, 37-year-old Aldo Sohm has become a wine world heavyweight, having been recognized as “Best Sommelier” in the World” in 2008 and earlier this month for “Best Wine Service” at the James Beard Awards. Trained in his native Austria, Sohm came to the United States to improve on his then “dumpy” English so he could better compete at wine competitions. We caught up with Sohm this morning to chat about the unwritten rule of pairing fish with white wine, which vino goes well with grilled salmon and that other reason why he now lives in America.

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Sommelier Talk: Aldo Sohm

Monday, October 13th, 2008

Wine Spectator, October 2008, by Tanya Roqueta

In his spare time, the sommelier at Best of Award of Excellence-winning Le Bernardin is the “Best Sommelier in the World”.

Aldo Sohm, 37, is the wine director of New York restaurant Le Bernardin, which holds a Wine Spectator Best of Award of Excellence for its wine list.

Sohm attended tourism school in his native Austria before working at Tirol restaurants Alberg Hopiz and Bio Hotel Stanglwirt. In 1999, Sohm became exposed to sommelier competition culture through a friend, and began preparing himself to compete. He has since won the titles of “Best Sommelier in Austria” at the 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2006 Austrian competitions.

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