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World’s Best Sommelier vs. World’s worst costumer

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Food & Wine, January 2010

Aldo Sohm of New York City’s Le Bernardin is as good at pairing wines as he is charming customers. But to truly test his mettle, F&W secretly enlisted critic Frank Bruni to play the role of nightmare diner. Read on to find out how Sohm survived the ordeal – and to see the exeptional matches he chose for star chef Eric Ripert’s elegant recipes.

I vetoed the Champagne that Le Bernardin’s Aldo Sohm suggested at the meal’s start, telling him my mood wasn’t so bubbly. Rejecting his advice again, I insisted on having a red instead of a white for the charred octopus, then I staged a tabletop tantrum over the price of the Montrachet that he initially paired with the monkfisch.

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