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malbec….with fish?

Friday, June 5th, 2009

Wine & Spirits, June 2009, by Joshua Greene

Aldo Sohm holds the 2008 title as the Best Sommelier in the World. And he’s just been nominated for the Best Wine Service Award from the James Beard Foundation. He’s also one of the most cheerful sommeliers you’re likely to meet, an Austrian heading up the wine service at New York’s bastion of French seafood, Le Bernardin.

Recently, Sohm returned from Mendoza, Argentina, where he had conducted a seminar on malbec at the Maters of Food & Wine, South America. W&S caught up with Sohm to talk malbec, the red wine that had all the sommelier buzz in our 20th Annual Restaurant Poll, and one that’s gaining a place on Le Bernardin’s list.


Saturday, May 16th, 2009

Slashfood, May 2009, by Pervaiz Shallwani

In just two years as the sommelier and wine director at New York’s world-renowned Le Bernardin restaurant, 37-year-old Aldo Sohm has become a wine world heavyweight, having been recognized as “Best Sommelier” in the World” in 2008 and earlier this month for “Best Wine Service” at the James Beard Awards. Trained in his native Austria, Sohm came to the United States to improve on his then “dumpy” English so he could better compete at wine competitions. We caught up with Sohm this morning to chat about the unwritten rule of pairing fish with white wine, which vino goes well with grilled salmon and that other reason why he now lives in America.

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