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ZALTO Glassware collaboration

Wines served in these glasses, especially mineral driven wines, are more precise. I found that nuances, now often hidden by fruit and alcohol, are elevated. For me, the appeal is in the subtlety of the glasses.

Nowadays, many wines are more and more uniform in their flavor profiles: bolder and more concentrated. This development, which is a result of global warming, is also due to trends in winemaking used to score points with wine critics. I like how these glasses help to counteract that trend and express the terroir of a wine.

They add balance and give the wines back their delicacy. Each glass has been carefully designed to complement the wine it has been created for. I use the “Universal” all the time – it’s truly a great all-purpose glass. I’m always most inspired by the elegant champagne glass.

The durability of these glasses allows me to carry them in my bag without their boxes or any special protection. For both performance and aesthetics, this is an ideal collection for any wine lover.

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