Laguiole Aldo Sohm Wine Key

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

Sohm & Laguiole wine keyDesigned by renowned flatware and wine-key crafters Laguiole, this piece has been two years in the making. As I have been using Laguiole for my entire career as a sommelier that spans 14 years, it has always been a dream of mine to partner with them to design my own wine-key. In 1992, Laguiole founded a ‘Best Sommelier in the World’ series of keys, which spurred my ambition to create my own.

Made with Laiton (brass), ivory and finished with compressed wood brushed with resin, the key reflects my background – the use of red and white symbolizing the Austrian flag. Often considered the most prestigious keys amongst sommeliers and wine experts, I find Laguiole keys superior to others I have used – they have great handling, a sharp blade and most importantly, they have the perfect length spiral. Traditionally, Laguiole keys are made with only two elements, whereas mine, in order to realize exactly the key I wanted, is made with five and for this reason, only a limited number have been produced.

Laguiole Aldo Sohm Wine Key available to purchase online: CLICK here

Aldo Sohm / ZALTO Glassware collaboration

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

I am delighted to represent and collaborate with Zalto on their signature collection of Aldo Sohm glassware.  I was first introduced to the company in 2007 when I was invited to a small tasting in TriBeCa, where I met Josef Karner, CEO who gave me a selection of glasses to take home and try. Everyone at the tasting was captivated by the glasses, but I wanted to spend more time with them to form my own opinion. Needless to say, I was impressed – by their design, performance, delicacy and by the philosophy behind them.

The glasses are both powerful and subtle and along with their shape and architecture, help to enhance the wine. Wines served in these glasses, especially mineral driven wines, are more precise and I found that the nuances, normally hidden by the fruit and alcohol, are elevated. For me, the appeal is in the subtlety and the almost-zero gravity of the glasses. Nowadays, wines get more and more uniform in the flavor profile; bolder and more concentrated – a development which is a result of global warming and also due trends in winemaking used to score points with wine critics! I like how these glasses express the terroir of a wine. They add balance and give the taster the delicacy of a wine back.

Each glass has been carefully designed to complement the wine it has been created for. I use the ‘universal’ all the time – it’s truly a great all-purpose glass, but I’m always inspired by the elegant champagne glass. The durability of these glasses allows me to carry them in my bag without their boxes or any protection. For both performance and aesthetics, this is an ideal collection for any wine lover.

Aldo Sohm/ZALTO Glaswaere are available to purchase online from :

Grüner Veltliner, Sohm & Kracher

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Sohm & Kracher Grüner VeltlinerThe idea to create this wine materialized over a casual lunch with Gerard Kracher in a Thai restaurant in Queens, New York City. With our individual knowledge and passion it was a natural progression for us to combine our expertise. We decided on Grüner Veltliner because we had never worked with it and it was an opportunity to work with one of our favorite grape varieties.

To begin with, we determined the best regions in Austria but after careful consideration we shied away from these major areas in favor of Weinviertel, a region rich in old vine vineyards, great soils and micro-cimates. We eventually focused on two small vineyards – one called Gaisbuckel ( meaning ‘the goat’s back’ hence the goat on the label) with 50 year old Grüner Veltliner vines planted on pure limestone rocks with a gravelly topsoil. The second vineyard is home to 35 year old vines with a similar soil structure and slightly more sandy components.

After several tastings, debates and discussions surrounding the best white wine producing areas in Europe, we started to define our style of Grüner Veltliner and establish how we wanted to produce this wonderful grape. In mid-September 2009, we harvested at 19.2 degrees KMW* and made a slow, spontaneous fermentation in four different barrels. The focus was to keep the wine reductive and as pure as possible, and for this reason we decided on a longer maturation period and released it based on our internationally compared areas. We are very honored that the 2009 Sohm & Kracher Niederosterreich Gruner Veltliner was ranked in the Top 100 wines of Wine + Spirits Magazine 2012.

We are excited to now move into the 2010 vintage of our single vineyard Grüner Veltliner. And this year we are also introducing a second label called Vineyards of Lower Austria (100% Grüner Veltliner) which has been made from vines aging 20-40 years on unique limestone subsoils. It is fermented and aged only in stainless steel for 8 months. Greenish gold in the glass, with aromas of lemongrass and wet stones. In the mouth the wine is delicate and pretty with lemongrass, lemon curd and wet stone minerality

*(Klosterneuburger Mostwaage – must weight – the measure of the amount of sugar in grape juice which dictates the amount of alcohol produced)