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Here you can learn a little bit more about me and I also hope to share my passion and knowledge of wine and food with you. I have been studying wine since I was 19 years old after taking my first visit to a vineyard in Italy. It was then I was bitten by the bug and I knew a career and life in wine and food was for me.

Since 2007, I have held the position of Chef Sommelier at Le Bernardin – New York’s internationally acclaimed four-star seafood restaurant that holds three stars from the Michelin Guide. The relationship between wine and food is something I am very passionate about and a partnership that is carefully cultivated and nurtured at Le Bernardin – a process I enjoy immensely as it gives me the opportunity to work with Chef Eric Ripert one-on-one.

When I sit down for breakfast, I am already excited for lunch and when it is time for lunch, I eat with anticipation for dinner and all the possibilities that a good meal with the perfect wine can bring. I pride myself on approaching wine with enthusiasm and energy and never with pretension. Put simply, wine for me is fun and I am incredibly lucky to have been given the opportunity to make my hobby my job! So please, feel free to explore the site and learn more about my current projects, upcoming seminars and of course, wine!

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Recent News:
Laguiole Aldo Sohm Wine Key
Designed by renowned flatware and wine-key crafters Laguiole, this piece has been two years in the making. As I have been using Laguiole for my entire career as a sommelier, it has always been a dream of mine to partner with them to design my own wine-key. In 1992, Laguiole founded a ‘Best Sommelier in the World’ series of keys, which spurred my ambition to create my own.

NOW you can buy my wine key HERE